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Store Owners

Showcase your goods and services to a wider audience, expand client base and earn more money. These are all available to you on the Roaddo platform. Best of all, you are in complete control of your time. Build you business at your pace.

What are my benefits as a Store Owner?

Improve the visibility of your business.

Gain new clients.

Access relevant training opportunities.

Access data to help make informed business decisions.

Improve your income.

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As an independent business consultant / partner with Roaddo, you retain complete control of your time. You have the platform to improve your earnings while working at your pace. Build you business while retaining control of your time

What are my benefits as a Partner?

Access to trainings.

Expand your digital presence and visibility.

Promptly access data for relevant business decisions.

Gain access to strategic business networks and partnerships.

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As an independent provider/rider, you have complete control of your time and your income.

What are my benefits as a Provider/Rider?

Earn more at your pace.

Take control of your time.

Expand your visibility and reach.

Ongoing support and training on the use of the app.

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As an independent agent, Roaddo offers you the flexibility to grow your earnings, and expand your digital presence from the comfort of your preferred location, at your pace.

What are my benefits as an Agent?

Earn commissions as you sell.

Access data to make informed decisions.

Grow your business contacts.

Enhance your visibility.

Access training opportunities.

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