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You won’t have to slow down or cancel plans with Roaddo. Book services that take care of your daily needs without missing a beat. All our providers are trained and verified before they can book jobs such as painting that room you’ve been putting off.

How This App Works

Well, this app is very easy to use. Let's throw light on the working of the app.

    Register yourself on the app by providing your email address, phone number and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If you are already registered simply login by providing your ID and password.


    Enter your location and choose the service you want like car wash, home cleaning, electrician, and many more.

  • Book Services

    Choose the sub services you want, view the cost and make payment via Card or In app wallet.

  • Track Job Progress

    Once the service is booked, you can track job progress on the application,


    In the end, view invoice summary for the service booked.


    Give your authentic and valuable feedback to the provider. It helps them to grow.

Sign up to Earn

Our platform offers a seamless sign up process which allows you to start accepting jobs and earning money as soon as you’ve been approved. Loaded with lots of features, our platform will help you start earning and with all the services you offer we’ve got you covered.

Sign up to Book Services

Download the App and register with us today. You’ll soon have access to multiple services. Choose a service and book providers within minutes.

Download App

Experience a never-before service provider app that combines all your favourite services? Download roaddo today, available on the Android Play Store and iOS App Store. You can utilise multiple services through Roaddo like beautician, massage, handyman, etc., and so on and so forth.

  • User Friendly App
  • Easy Service Booking
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Safety On the Roads

Start earning today as a driver with Roaddo. You'll receive lot's of training and support to start making the most out of Roaddo.

  • Make handsome money

    The drivers linked with our app can drive as much as they'd like. Receive training and support. You can set your own hours and your pay is deposited directly into an account of your choice.

  • Set your own schedule

    We'll never put pressure on our drivers to work a certain amount of hours. Drivers are free to set their own schedule. Roaddo allows you to be your own boss!

  • Safety

    By using the latest technology we can focus on the safety of our passengers or drivers. We keep an eye on the driver's vehicle before, between and just after the trip to make sure that both the drivers and customers are safe.

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